Community Alternatives, Inc. provides a wide range of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as those diagnosed with mental health issues. We have multiple locations throughout the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. 

In-Home Program provides varying degrees of in-home support services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, often coupled with other medical challenges or mental illness. The individuals reside with family or other caretakers who need extra support to keep the individual in the home.

Residential Programs provide small group home living in a single family home environment where 3 – 5 individuals share a living space. The homes are fully staffed according to the needs of each individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Program Details 

Day Services Program offers,community engagement, community coaching, and group day services. Each of these services offer supports for the individual to acquire, retain, or improve skills of self-help, socialization, and opportunities for interactions with others creating social networks.  

Supported Living Program (SLP)
 provides drop-in staff support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live on their own in their own home or apartment without a full-time caretaker or other supports.

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