We offer several outpatient treatment options that allow women to seek recovery in a structured and supportive environment while continuing with the routine of their daily lives (work, school, etc.). Our programs include a substance abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment program (SACOT), which provides up to five hours per day of treatment, and our substance abuse intensive outpatient program (SAIOP), which provides three hours per day of treatment. Transportation and childcare is provided for women in the program to reduce the barriers to receiving substance abuse treatment.

We believe that knowledge is empowering. Our outpatient programs include activities, training materials, and assignments that will help women learn more about the disease of chemical dependency and how to share that information with family and friends, improve their parenting skills, and gain valuable insights on behaviors and individual growth and progress.

 Our highly trained clinical staff is dedicated to creating a safe, respectful environment for all. This includes answering questions during the recovery process, providing regular feedback on progress, soliciting input on the treatment plan and goals, and encouraging support and cooperation from other program participants.

We currently provide outpatient treatment to adult (age 18 and over) pregnant, postpartum or parenting women with a substance abuse diagnosis and their children at our Charlotte and Winston-Salem locations. To make a referral or for specific questions on eligibility, call 1-866-281-8847 (toll free). You are also welcome to call an individual site directly.

Charlotte: The CASCADE (Courage and Support for Changing Attitudes, Dependencies and Environments) Services Program provides both outpatient and residential treatment and prevention services. Contact: 704-336-4844

: The WISH (Women and Infant Services for Health) Program provides outpatient treatment. Contact: 336-397-7500

Durham: The CASCADE @ Durham Program provides residential treatment services. Contact: 919-490-6900

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