Founded: 1980

Corporate Headquarters: Norfolk,Virginia

Organization Type: 501-3c non-profit

Employees: Approximately 400

Industry and Services

As a non-profit we have remained agile, which has enabled us to provide services that meet the needs of the community. 

Health and Human Services

-Mental Health Services

-Substance Use Treatment 

-Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services 

Board of Directors 

Mark Moser,Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors
Fiscal Year 2015 - 2016

William Dewes,President
Gordon Saffold ,Vice President
Regina Artz,Secretary
Gary Kirchner,Director
Regina Stowe,Director

The Board of Directors for Community Alternatives Inc. is a group of volunteer, non-compensated individuals who are committed to the organization's mission and vision. Board members are nominated by community members, CAI staff, other current or past board members and community stakeholders. They are elected by a majority vote of the board.

Executive Leadership

Mike Hrobak,Chief Operating  Officer 

Community Alternatives Overview

Vincent Gallo,Chief Executive Officer 

Annual Reports

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