Breaking the cycle of substance abuse and addiction is a journey, one that the family must embark on together. The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is one of the most powerful programs for family change in the country because it involves not just the parents or children in isolation, but the whole family. The SFP is unique because it was developed specifically for children of alcohol- or drug-abusing parents and is designed to reduce risk factors in both substance abuse and juvenile delinquency areas. The program targets two age groups:  6-11 year olds & 12-15 year olds

Our Strengthening Families Program as part of our prevention services, allows intervention at various stages of family functioning because it involves every member of the family.  The program comprises three groups:

Parent Skills Group
Each week, the group will focus on learning a new skill that will improve the quality of family life. The skills build on each other, and the material is presented in a variety of ways, including exercises, lectures, discussions, videos, role playing, etc.

Children Skills Group
Children aged 6-10 years will participate in the Children's Training Sessions/Skills Group. Each week, children will be taught skills that correlate to the skills being taught in the Parent Skills Group. Children are engaged through exercises, role playing, puppet shows, discussions, etc. Positive reinforcement and incentives (stickers, prizes, etc.) for appropriate behavior are a component of the group.

Family Skills Group
The Family Training/Family Skills Group follows the parent and children groups, and parents and children participate together in these one-hour sessions.

CONTACT US (link) 

To make a referral or for specific questions on eligibility, call 1-866-281-8847 (toll free). You are also welcome to call an individual site directly.

Charlotte:  CASCADE (Courage and Support for Changing Attitudes, Dependencies and Environments) Services Program – Contact: 704-336-4844

Durham:  CASCADE @ Durham Program – Contact: 919-490-6900

:  WISH (Women and Infant Services for Health) Program – Contact: 336-397-7500

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