A Rewarding Educational  Experience.....

     CAI Volunteer Engagement.....

-Learn New Skills            

-Gain Valuable Experience 

-Become a Companion 

-Help the Homeless

-Direct Support to Someone with a Disability

-Help our Administrative Team in our Corporate  Office  

-Engage in Fun Activities to Enhance Someone's Day

-Connect with Fellow Members In Your Community

CAI partners with colleges and universities in the area to provide meaningful, on-the-job experience and hands-on training to students who are seeking to complete an internship in their given field.  

-Well-qualified and talented supervisors are always ready to guide the students towards success.

-Students work in a cross-functional team environment.

-We help develop and nurture leadership skills

-We encourage creativity and welcome new ideas from the student.

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We offer a multitude of volunteer opportunities for the good of the folks we serve, as well as of all administrative departments that are behind the scenes making what we do possible.  

Your Community Needs Your Support 

Your Internship Experience 

We welcome inquiries and pledge to facilitate a valuable learning and fulfilling environment for all volunteers and interns working towards making a difference.

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